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New Stele Forest

The New Stele Forest is on the northwest slope of Taiping Mountain, built in the winter of 1989, with an area of 8.17 hectares. It has a typical coastal hilly granite landform, with rocks lying upright and stones stacked and piled up. Besides the inscriptions by celebrities since ancient times, clusters of famous contemporary books are engraved on natural stones, which distinguishes it from the original stone carvings.

The New Stele Forest claims to be a calligraphy exposition garden blended with nature, exhibiting more than 100 calligraphy masterpieces in seal scripts, clerical scripts, regular scripts, running scripts or grass scripts from famous contemporary celebrities. Some are large and some are small; some are lyrical and some are meaningful. One inscription praises the Botanic Garden to be the No.1 garden in Fujian Province and an unparalleled scenery in South China.