Opening Hours
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Opening hours : 6:30 -- 18:00

Main entrance: West gate of Hu Yuan Road (including walking passage and car passage) Other entrances: East gate of Wenzeng road, Yangtai Mountain gate, Wanshou North gate, Nanshan Gate, Five Old Peak gate. 

Special reminder: the other entrances are far away from the main scenic spot, resulting in inconvenient traffic and long time for walking (an hour on average); For more convenient and effective tour, visitors please go to the west gate of Hu Yuan Road.   

Opening hours of Rainforest World Fog Fores:

October 8 - April 30 of the next year, 9:00-11:00,14:00-16:00 May 1 - October 7 every year,8:30-11:00, 15:00-17:00 

Admission Notice
1. Please buy tickets and enter the garden in order by pedestrian, passageway or carriageway;
2. Pay attention to the opening hours and closing time. Do not linger in the garden after the closing time;
3. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the garden without permission.
4. It is strictly forbidden to ride bicycles, electric bicycles or motorcycles in the garden (working vehicles shall follow relevant regulations);
5. No pets are allowed in the garden;
6. It is strictly forbidden to climb over walls, railings and hedges;
7. It is strictly forbidden to swim and fish in reservoirs and lakes in the garden, or to play sports in non-sports venues or have other sport activities explicitly restricted by the garden management units;
8. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the non-smoking area, or spit, urinate and defecate, litter peels (cores), paper scraps, cigarette butts, chewing gum and other wastes;
9. It is strictly forbidden to make camp fire, barbecue, fish and catch animals, raise poultry and livestock, dig plants, or intimidate, hit or hurt animals in the garden;
10. It is strictly forbidden to peddle goods, set up stalls and distribute any kind of advertising materials; Do not engage in commercial activities without permission;
11. Do not use loudspeakers in the garden.
12. It is strictly forbidden to scribble, scratch, hang and post on buildings, structures, signs, indication boards and trees in the garden;
13. Do not destroy the flowers and trees in the garden, pick fruits, or bring damage to facilities;
14. It is strictly forbidden to bring any controlled knives, prohibited goods, inflammable, explosive and toxic materials into the garden, or carry out any illegal activities in the garden. Violators will be investigated for legal responsibility according to relevant laws and regulations;
15. Do not commit any act in violation of the provisions of the garden management.
16.Please travel in a civilized way and pay attention to safety. Xiamen will become more beautiful with our efforts.